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The Vine featuring Michael "Zappy" Zapolin

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Thursday, January 21st

We are delighted to share Episode #23 of The Vine: A Plant Media Project Podcast, featuring a truly evolved human being Michael “Zappy” Zapolin, an entrepreneur who is known for his documentary film “The Reality of Truth,” which focuses on the importance of plant medicine which aids going inside one’s own mind for answers and healing. You can watch the video for FREE below!

He shares openly and in detail what it is like to experience the incredible journeys using plant medicines like ayahuasca and San Pedro. Zappy is a psychedelic concierge to the stars. He helps celebrities, thought leaders, and business icons with a conscious transformation. After watching "The Reality of Truth," we had to invite him on the show to dive in on this excellent documentary of higher medicines. In our chat he filled us in on his new film coming out soon featuring Lamar Odum.

Zappy discussed his passion to advocate for ketamine therapy and co-founded the non-profit organization The Ketamine Fund. He will be introducing the first at-home Ketamine Wellness Kit. PMP has been invited to participate in the Beta testing and we will definitely share that experience with our listeners.

Additionally he is the founder of Mind Army, a new organization that has a mission to ask our new President to immediately sign an Executive Order reversing the 1966 Executive Order signed by then President Lyndon B. Johnson that made psychedelic compounds illegal. Click here to learn more on our blog.