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By: Gina Vensel

Wednesday, January 20th

We are currently undergoing a psychedelic renaissance around the world, and yet in the United States we are still living with outdated laws that put all plant medicine practitioners at risk.

We have seen the growing success of decriminalizing natural psychedelics in cities like Portland, D.C., Oakland, and recently in Somerville Massachusetts. You can read about it in Rolling Stone.

The momentum of this movement is growing fast, yet a city-by-city approach to decriminalization may take a long time. So what can we do now? Introducing...The Mind Army, a new organization that has a mission to take the issue directly to President Joe Biden and demand the right to go inside our minds for answers and healing by any means necessary. 

Plant medicines have been studied extensively and have been proven extremely safe and non-addictive when used responsibly. They are helping with depression, addiction, eating disorders and so much more.  In many cases plant medicine has been successful where traditional medicines have failed. With the mental health crisis today, now, more than ever, we need to make plant medicine available to everyone especially those who need alternative ways to heal.

The Mind Army plans to ask our new President to immediately sign an Executive Order reversing the 1966 Executive Order signed by then President Lyndon B. Johnson making all psychedelic compounds illegal until they could be studied for safety. Learn more at, and join the movement by signing the petition HERE