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Awakening: An Exploration of Higher Medicine Vol. 2

By: Gina Vensel

Tuesday, February 16th

View AWAKENING below, or watch via Plant Media Project's YouTube here.

AWAKENING is a free online educational series produced by Plant Media Project.

The first AWAKENING, held on 12/9/20 featured informative talks on the changing landscape around cannabis and psilocybin, and a panel discussion with plant medicine professionals from coast to coast. If you missed the event or want to listen again, tune into Episode #17 of The Vine: A Plant Media Project Podcast.

AWAKENING Volume 2 will take place online TONIGHT 2/17 and will feature a dynamic duo of psychonauts exploring the higher medicines: MDMA and Ketamine. PMP collected questions from the community prior to the event that we will ask during the event.

CHARLEY WININGER is a psychotherapist and author of the acclaimed book "Listening to Ecstasy: The Transformative Power of MDMA." His talk will discuss insights from his book, and useful info on the benefits of MDMA.

ZAPPY ZAPOLIN is known for being the psychonaut to the stars. He is the director of the documentary film, "Reality of Truth," and founder of The Ketamine Fund. His talk will discuss why and how ketamine is being used for treating PTSD, depression, anxiety, and more.

The event is also published on our podcast! Listen here: