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What Grade Did Your State Receive for it’s Cannabis Program?

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Thursday, September 24th

On September 23rd, Americans for Safe Access hosted the 2020 State of the States Report Webinar, and PMP was there to gather information and get insights into how each state was graded. 

Each year, ASA, the nation’s largest nonprofit that represents medical cannabis patients, doctors, and researchers, prepares a report that assesses legislative and regulatory improvements in medical cannabis programs across the country.

PMP had Debbie Churgai, Executive Director of ASA, on The Vine podcast on 8/26, and had an insightful discussion about their organization and the background behind the report. You can listen to the episode here
This comprehensive State of the States report provides a detailed analysis of the state of medical cannabis programs in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and four territories on an ‘A’ to ‘F’ scale. 

For example PMP Co-Founders states both graded above average. Gina Vensel’s home state of Pennsylvania received a C+, whereas Elizabeth Sheldon’s state of Maryland received a B+. Other states like Virginia and Texas both received an F. How did you state measure up? Visit this link to review the full report. 

It is up to each of us to hold our legislators accountable for how they vote around medical cannabis reform. Please share with your community and celebrate the great job that your state is doing, or conversely let your communities know what your state has work to do to improve. Every voice matters. Our voice and our votes count!