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Tricycle Day for psychonauts

By: Gina Vensel

Sunday, April 23rd

After signing up for the new psychedelic newsletter, Tricycle Day, I was delighted to hear from Henry Winslow, Creator/Writer, to be featured in his new Psychonaut POV article. His growing newsletter sends fantastic recaps of psychedelic news in the areas of research, policy, and business (along with a side of some funny memes).

I got personal with Henry about my experience as an events professional during the global pandemic and how the forced pause caused me to take a closer look at doing work that truly matters. 

As I continue to work with Elizabeth at PMP to end the stigma around cannabis and psychedelics, I shared insights into my current work as the Director of Marketing for MAPS Psychedelic Science conference happening in Denver this June. 

Visit this LINK to read my Psychonaut POV interview. 

Register now and take 10% off your registration for Psychedelic Science with code TD10, and be sure to sign up for Tricycle Day's newsletter for weekly psychedelic updates.