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The Vine Podcast featuring Linda Mercado Greene

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Saturday, October 31st

PMP had the opportunity to speak with the fascinating Linda Mercado Greene, a political leader who both writes the laws and lives by them. We discuss her work with world leaders like Nelson Mandela, her time as Chief of Staff to The Honorable Marion Barry, and her new role as the CEO/Owner of Anacostia Organics a medical cannabis dispensary in Washington, D.C. 

In this episode we discuss Linda's incredible accomplishments including her service as Chair of the DC Medical Cannabis Trade Association, Executive Member and Strategic Advisor of the Cannabis Trade Federation (CTF), and the Chair of the CTF Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force composed of the top civil rights leaders and advocates in the US. She is also the Host of a daily podcast, Cannabis Conversations Podcast with Linda Mercado Greene”, on, 96.3HD4, and SoundCloud, which is the only DC government funded cannabis broadcasting.

PMP discusses her journey from the world of politics into the cannabis industry and how her experience has helped move the industry forward. Tune in the The Vine: A Plant Media Project Podcast wherever you get your podcasts!