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The Vine featuring Tommy Chong

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Wednesday, January 6th

We are delighted to share Episode #20 of The Vine: A Plant Media Project Podcast, as we feature a very special guest, comedy and cannabis icon Tommy Chong, a lifelong cannabis advocate, comedian, actor, producer, musician, and entrepreneur. 

He is a very spiritual man in a loving marriage for 50 years and is a devoted father and family man. Tommy has been touring for 15+ years and continues to perform a variety show with Cheech and Shelby Chong performing various segments from albums, films and new stand-up material. 

Tommy’s kindness and spirituality comes through as he shares funny stories about his life, Hollywood and celebrities. Tommy believes that we are all here to learn and he continues to grow in his life and with the changing cannabis industry. Tommy Chong’s™ was one of the first multi-territory “Celebrity” Cannabis brands, debuting in the medical California market, then expanding out to every medical and recreational state in the nation. 

We decided to upload the entire video of the episode to YouTube so you can watch below, or listen on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. We're grateful to Tommy for joining us, and for each of our listeners growing our Plant Medicine Community: Powered by PMP