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The Vine featuring Tetragram

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Tuesday, December 29th

In Episode 19 of The Vine: A Plant Media Project Podcast featured Otha Smith III, Founder and CEO of Tetragram.

Otha has been an entrepreneur from an early age. After having his own struggles navigating products as a medical cannabis patient, he quickly realized how difficult it was to remember how each product specifically made him feel, which led him to find a better solution for cannabis patients.

Many medical cannabis patients rely on the frustrating trial-by-error process to find the most effective products for their conditions. Due to the lack of comprehensive research on the federal level, Otha founded Tetragram to bridge this gap. Tetragram is a new mobile app that is a smart, digital journal that helps you get the most out of medical cannabis.

Visit this LINK to learn about Tetragram and download the app to start the new year off right on your Apple or Android device. Tune into the teaser of the episode below, and listen to the full episode HERE.