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The Vine featuring Sean Hocking

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Monday, April 26th

On this episode of The Vine, PMP hosts our first international guest from Australia, Sean Hocking, Co-Founder and Head of News at Cannabis Law Report and Cannabis Law Journal. Sean also runs an independent record label Metal Postcard Records, and hosts a podcast sharing rare music called The Koala Karma Podcast

He has spent 25 years reviewing and publishing legal news and information and has parlayed that experience into producing free online publications offering readers access to daily news, legislation, updates, and information on regulated + regulating cannabis markets around the world. 

With so much focus on American legalization, it was important for us to take a look at the global perspective of cannabis, and the stigmas that continue to exist all around the world. Finding accurate cannabis news sources with integrity is important,  Sean and his team at Cannabis Law Report are doing great work to provide informative and authentic stories covering the ever changing landscape of global cannabis reform. 

Click HERE for Cannabis Law Report news, listen below to Episode #35, or tune in wherever you get your podcasts.