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The Vine featuring Russ Cersosimo

By: Gina Vensel

Sunday, December 20th

In Episode #17 of The Vine, we talk to Russ Cersosimo, a true Renaissance Man and successful entrepreneur who has invested heavily in the cannabis industry. He is the co-owner of Hemp Synergistics, a biotechnology company and hemp processing facility in Pennsylvania, specializing in high-quality THC-free CBD oil and custom formulations. 

He has cannabis licenses in 2 states, is vegan, has a psychedelic rock band, and is the Author of Molecular Influence to be released in January 2021. I first met Russ a couple years ago as the Founder of the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society. He has dedicated so much time to helping others get educated around cannabis, and now his society has expanded beyond PA. 

He attributes his success to mentoring from Billy Mays after meeting him in Pittsburgh when he was 7 years old. Listeners will learn about some of the products he has created including a Hemp Bake Mix, a CBD powder that can be used in everyday baking. 

Russ’ company also created TRU, the world’s first THC field test unit for law enforcement. With the farm bill that passed in 2018 it is legal to transport hemp across state lines. However, the issue is that it is hard to tell the difference between legal hemp which contains less than 0.3 mgs of THC and cannabis with high levels of THC. Tru allows law officials to test the plant being transported in the field. So if you are abiding by the law you can avoid the typical delays that are hurting so many businesses operating legally. 

Below is an excerpt from the podcast where Russ discusses TRU. Visit this LINK to listen to the episode on Spotify, or click HERE to connect via your favorite podcast platform.