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The Vine featuring Psychedelia

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Thursday, January 20th

In Episode 60 of The Vine, PMP chats with Pat Murphy, filmmaker of the new documentary, Psychedelia, which examines the history and science of the mystical experience.
Pat’s work has been featured on PBS, Showtime, and in major news outlets like People Magazine. His independent films have been shown in museums and international film festivals around the world.

Whether you are part of the psychedelic movement or someone who has no previous knowledge on the topic, Psychedelia presents the science and facts that will help all of us have an informed understanding of the history of psychedelics.

This documentary explores historical footage and facts from psychedelic research in the past and up to the current emerging psychedelic renaissance and introduces viewers to several patients from a NYU-led study in psychedelic-assisted therapy. The results are simply astounding and not to be missed. 

How can you watch the film? PMP is excited to announce the premiere of Psychedelia on Bicycle Day 4/19 in Pittsburgh, PA at the Row House Cinema with a Summer '22 premiere date in the DC-area to be announced soon. Sign up for the email list at for upcoming screenings in your community. 

Get your tickets to the Psychedelia premiere in Pittsburgh, PA on 4/19/22 by visiting this LINK