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The Vine featuring Psycheceutical

By: Gina Vensel

Saturday, October 16th

On episode #52 of The Vine, PMP talks to Chad Harman, CEO of Psycheceutical, a company that provides a next-generation patented delivery technology for psychedelic compounds used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

At PMP, we feel it’s important to explore all sides of an issue. We know that pharma companies are often vilified, and sometimes rightfully so. We are curious about the contributions that biotech companies are making in the plant medicine industry. Without them it would be hard to standardize dosing, ensure efficacy, and deliver the desired results consistently.
When speaking with Chad, we could hear that he leads with heart. He is passionate about his work, and although challenging and expensive, he understands that his technology is groundbreaking and could change the future of mental health.
Imagine if a patient suffering from PTSD was able to take a slow-release capsule with a microdose of psilocybin that later releases a small dose of MDMA. All in a dose that allows the patient to feel good while not hindering them from daily activities.
In the plant medicine world we know that some will remain loyal to indigenous practices and use higher medicines only in ceremony, and Chad agrees that his company is not trying to take any of this away. Yet many people will never be comfortable using something that is not FDA approved, or recognized by our medical system, and this is where Psycheceutical’s technology could help. Through new delivery technologies, we may be able to offer plant medicine healing to everyone, or at least to many more people.

We are thankful for biotech companies like Psycheceutical that are looking for ways to help those who are suffering to live a better life. Tune in for a deep dive into the science behind their process that enables the delivery of target doses of any psychedelic compound directly through the blood-brain barrier, bypassing the liver and any associated toxicity.