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The Vine featuring Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Thursday, February 11th

In Episode #26 of The Vine, PMP chats with Daniel Shankin, Founder of Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration, an organization serving individuals who are exploring their consciousness for transformational evolution within a supportive community.  

We dive into the process behind psychedelic integration, and what coaching in this space looks like. Mt. Tam hosts weekly circles to share space and experiences. These events are by donation only, and PMP plans to join a female circle in the coming weeks. Find upcoming circles here.  

Join us to learn what holding space in circles looks like, and hear from the founder of the the Psilocybin Summit and upcoming events like Mt. Tam’s Jamboree coming up in April! 

Daniel reminded us that so much of what we experience in the psychedelic world is unexplainable, and having a community around you to support your journey is so important. Tune into the episode below, and message PMP anytime with your psychedelic and cannabis questions.