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The Vine Featuring Montel Williams

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Wednesday, March 10th

On Episode #29 of The Vine, PMP talks with Montel Williams, the Emmy Award winning television personality, inspirational speaker, author, entrepreneur, and cannabis advocate. For 17 years we welcomed Montel into our homes as he hosted one of America’s favorite daytime talk shows. It was a pleasure to dig deeper into the man behind the TV persona.

Montel grew up in my home state of Maryland, and served in both the Marine Corps and Navy.  He graduated from the Naval Academy where my son is about to graduate this year. 

At the height of his TV career, in 1999, Montel experienced his first symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis , and when pharmaceuticals proved ineffective for pain management, his doctor recommended he try cannabis.

Williams became an early advocate of cannabis law reform in the US and was one of the few high-profile voices on Capitol Hill fighting for their rights. Over the past two decades, he has worked to pass cannabis legislation in key states and led the push for military veterans to have access to medical cannabis without the threat of losing benefits. 

Now, he serves as Founder of  Lenitiv Scientific and the Montel brand of cannabis products, while also hosting the Let’s Be Blunt podcast, which provides education and information on the cannabis industry. Gina and I had the chance to be interviewed by Montel, and the episode will be out in a few weeks! 

Tune in and listen to how cannabis has helped Montel manage his MS and his thoughts about what needs to change in our government and in the industry so that all have equal access.