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The Vine featuring Mindlumen

By: Gina Vensel

Friday, January 14th

The 2022 kick-off episode of The Vine features tech industry veteran turned psychedelic entrepreneur Neil Gehani, founder of Mindlumen, a digital psychedelic platform that offers support through vetted guides/therapists, and journey spaces in a safe and private space. 

Neil is a first-generation Indian immigrant that moved to the US for college and became a successful tech professional. He’s a 2x Founder and 3x Head of Product with 15+ years in the industry-leading and building effective teams.

After an astounding experience at a music festival near his home in the Bay Area just a few years ago, his life was impacted in an astounding way, and he knew he wanted to support the emerging psychedelic industry. How could he use his knowledge and expertise to help grow and protect the psychedelic movement? 

In the episode, Neil explains how there will be space for everyone in psychedelics. Mindlumen is creating an alternative form of capitalism via distributed digital co-ops (a collective of collectives) that’s community member-driven. This regenerative economy for psychedelics can build an inclusive, radically transparent, self-governing, and fair community. Learn more about Mindlumen by visiting