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The Vine featuring Melissa Lavasani

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Thursday, February 25th

We were so excited for the opportunity to speak to the woman behind the largest ballot initiative victory in the history of our nation’s capital! 

In Episode 27 of The Vine, PMP features Melissa Lavasani, the Founder, Chairwoman, and Executive Director of the newly formed Plant Medicine Coalition. Melissa shares the intimate story of her postpartum depression and her search for healing through plant medicine. Her journey led her to Decriminalize Nature where she proposed and won. Initiative 81, is the Entheogenic Plant and Fungus Policy Act.

Through the Plant Medicine Coalition, Melissa will continue to oversee the implementation of Initiative 81 and DC’s new law enforcement priorities regarding plant medicines. She will also lead the charge to decriminalize plant medicines at all levels of government throughout the country. Learn more and get involved with the advocacy HERE. 

Episode teaser and full episode below: