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The Vine featuring Laura Dawn

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Thursday, September 30th

On episode #50, The Vine speaks with Laura Dawn, a psychedelic advocate, author, international speaker and Host of the Psychedelic Leadership Podcast. 

She grew her first online brand spreading positivity and sold it then built a volcanic hot spring retreat center from scratch in Hawaii, all using her visionary techniques and practices.  
Through her retreats and online programs, Laura Dawn teaches people how to intentionally explore psychedelics and sacred plant medicines as powerful visionary tools for growth, transformation and creative manifestation, and offers a blueprint for transmuting that wisdom into the fabric of your everyday life.
Laura Dawn is launching Grow Medicine, an app that will allow individuals to support many sacred plant growing communities by donating to them directly. She will also be a featured speaker at the Wonderland conference in Miami which covers a variety of topics surrounding the psychedelics industry and beyond. 
Learn more by visiting Live Free Laura Dawn online. And tune into our 50th episode of The Vine exploring cannabis and psychedelics.