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The Vine featuring Jerry Whiting

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Friday, November 19th

It's amazing the people that we have met since we began The Vine. We were introduced to Jerry Whiting through a new friend we recently met at a group ceremony. We are grateful to speak to a true pioneer in the cannabis industry who shares his deep understanding of the plant on Episode #56.

Jerry is the President and Co-Founder of LeBlanc CNE, Inc. a Seattle-based company specializing in hemp and cannabis genetics, product development, research and education.

Jerry feels that hemp will be instrumental in healing our environment and planet. He explains that hemp grown organically can clean the dirt it is grown in, be used as medicine, produce paper, hempcrete and so much more. He is also very passionate about encouraging other BIPOC farmers to grow hemp and move away from the dangerous pesticides used to grow cotton and so many other crops. 

Jerry’s knowledge is self-taught and comes from hands-on experience. He most enjoys working with vintage heirloom genetics and tells us about many of his favorites. After personally trying his pre-roll CBG flower I can personally attest to its ability to uplift one's spirits and produce an overall sense of well-being.
Jerry also writes a monthly column in Northwest Leaf Magazine. Read his November article "When Color Matters" discussing why the color purple is important to the cannnabis plant, which we discuss in the episode. Learn more about Jerry's company at