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The Vine featuring James McConchie

By: Gina Vensel

Tuesday, May 4th

PMP is excited to bring you an insightful chat around mushrooms. Episode #36 of The Vine features James McConchie, owner of the Haight Street Shroom Shop, an educational retail space dedicated to mushroom related resources, products, and home mycology supplies located in San Francisco, California.  

In addition to the shop, James is also a fierce advocate for psychedelic decriminalization. He was one of the original founders of the Oakland Decrim movement, and recently founded the Psychedelic Small Business Association.  And now he is lobbying for psychedelic decriminalization for the entire state of California, + even sponsored the very first Psilocybin Cup.

Tune in for an exploration of gourmet, medicinal, and therapeutic mushrooms, learn about the power of the mycelium network, and get details on the changing landscape of psychedelic policy reform. Listen to the episode below, or find The Vine wherever you get your podcasts.