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The Vine featuring Graham Pechenik

By: Gina Vensel

Sunday, November 15th

As we explore the world of psychedelics, PMP understands the importance surrounding the sacredness of plant medicine and the many indigenous traditions that encompass the space. At the same time, we are seeing the business side of psychedelics booming as stocks for psilocybin companies are on the rise, and it made us curious: how can a plant be patented? 

We found an expert in the space and invited him on PMP's podcast to ask difficult questions about the business of psychedelics. In episode #13 of The Vine, we feature Graham Pechenik, Founder of Calyx Law, a Cannabis & Psychedelics Firm, the first patent law boutique in California to focus on the cannabis industry, and among the first patent lawyers anywhere to work on psychedelics.

A registered patent attorney, with degrees in Biochemistry and Cognitive Neuroscience, Graham has represented Fortune 500 companies on their most critical patent matters, and he works closely with ventures in the cannabis and psychedelics spaces to design and implement their patent and intellectual property strategies, and generate value and growth through their intellectual property. Graham also contributes as an editor-at-large at Psilocybin Alpha, a fantastic resource for psychedelic investment news, exclusive interviews and financing opportunities. 

Here is a clip from the podcast episode with Graham where he uses apples as an example to help us understand the plant patent and what this means for fungi like psilocybin. Tune in on Anchor wherever you get your podcasts. For the full episode on Spotify, click HERE