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The Vine featuring Floresta

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Friday, March 25th

On Episode #64 of The Vine, PMP speaks with Shannon Starr, Founder of Floresta, a Psychedelic & Indigenous Medicine Retreat that works with ketamine and forest medicines.  Shannon is a Board Certified Holistic Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who has created a group healing protocol for patients.

Shannon explains how ketamine works and who can benefit from the medicine. She goes on to explain that through the years she has found administering ketamine in a group setting produces the best results. She believes that by sharing the experience with others and creating a supportive network patients encounter greater healing. 

Shannon explains how indigenous cultures have used forest medicines to help ground people through the ages. At a Floresta retreat in addition to ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, guests experience forest medicines including Rapéh and Sananga.

If you or someone you know is considering ketamine treatment Shannon makes valid points about the power of a group setting, one which deserves serious consideration. Tune in to learn more, and visit for more information on the retreat and the forest medicines used, as well as info on their upcoming retreat in the Catskills, NY.

It’s important to note that Floresta offers pre and post-integration services for all guests attending their retreats and you can book a free 10-minute exploratory call with an Integration Facilitator to learn more and to see if this retreat is right for you.