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The Vine featuring Empathic Health

By: Gina Vensel

Thursday, May 27th

In Episode #39 of The Vine, PMP chats with Douglas Finkelstein, Founder and Community Executive Officer for Empathic Health, a community for those who use psychedelics with intention to come together to learn and grow. Douglas and his team are building a trustworthy and welcoming community to connect and share psychedelic experiences, and to help others with their journeys. 

I met Douglas while he was completing his MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Management, and I knew upon our first meeting that his heart is so authentically centered around building community. is officially set to open on June 15th!

In this episode we dive into what to expect from the community that Empathic Health is building, starting with each member taking the North Star Ethics Pledge, created with input from one hundred psychedelic stakeholders. The Pledge is a baseline commitment to put integrity at the heart of the work in the field. Learn more by visiting this LINK.

The Empathic Health community will feature educational webinars, a community forum to share experiences and resources, fun events, and more! Most events will be for members only*. The kick-off Trivia Event however is open to everyone. Learn more HERE

*Empathic Health’s community is FREE to join for now. All members need a referral, so let us know if you are interested in joining. Or contact Empathic Health directly through their website, and someone from the community will reach out to you to get acquainted with you. 

Tune into the episode below or find The Vine: A Plant Media Project Podcast wherever you get your podcasts, and be sure to email us through our website with any questions. 

Douglas mentions this book on the podcast: The Obstacle is the Way.
Learn more about the North Star Ethics Pledge
Attend Psychedelic Trivia on Thursday 6/17.