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The Vine featuring Dr. Matthew Mintz

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Thursday, October 21st

On episode #53 of The Vine, PMP features Dr. Matthew Mintz  a Board-certified internist MD, FACP who has a medical practice in Bethesda, MD where he is treating patients with Ketamine for depression.  He gives us a first hand look at the treatment, the costs, and the effects and results he is seeing in his patients after using the medication.
Dr. Mintz is a traditionally trained doctor of internal medicine and faculty member of George Washington Hospital. I met him when he first incorporated cannabis as an alternative healing medicine in his practice. He has always had one of the best explanations for how and why cannabis works for healing certain ailments. He applies the same straightforward explanation of ketamine therapy. 
Dr. Mintz is using Spravato and Ketamine delivered in a nasal spray rather than the more commonly known intravenous treatment. We were surprised to learn about insurance carriers that are paying for the medicine as well as the clinical visit where the drug is administered. The treatment can be affordable and he says it is working for 85% to 90% of his patients. 
In order to receive treatment you need a recommendation from your psychiatrist, and Dr. Mintz and his team can help you with the paperwork. Visit to learn more about his practice, and tune into our episode to dive into how it’s quickly becoming a breakthrough therapy for patients with treatment-resistant depression.