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The Vine featuring Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers

By: Gina Vensel

Thursday, January 14th

While our world suffers such a stressful time of dealing with a global pandemic, managing stress and wellness can be complicated. That's why PMP invited epidemiologist, disease specialist, and clinical researcher, Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers to The Vine. 

We discussed the importance of managing our emotional, spiritual, and mental health and how it can affect our physical well-being. Dr. Rodgers had to heal herself after a life-threatening surgery, and after struggling with her own healing journey, she has dedicated her life to helping and healing others.

Dr. Rodgers uses her traditional medical training along with holistic practices to create individualized plans for her patients to find solutions to their life consuming health issues. She shares her great wisdom about how we can heal and stay healthy, and her thoughts and research that shows positive findings around integrating plant medicine. She even discusses a Johns Hopkins study on psilocybin and it's incredible findings! Tune in to the episode teaser + full episode link below.

"I feel like it's time to start a new revolution around health and healing. Let's stop the conversation around chronic illness and shift to talk about chronic wellness," - Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers