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The Vine featuring Cultivating Wisdom

By: Gina Vensel

Sunday, February 26th

On episode #73 of The Vine, PMP speaks to Cesar Marin, owner of Cultivating Wisdom, a lifestyle and apparel company dedicated to educating and supporting those who seek healing from microdosing psilocybin.

This is a fascinating story about a lifelong television industry and live sports newscast producer who overcame addiction using plant medicine. His remarkable experience led him to change career paths and become an entrepreneur in the psychedelic space.

Cesar believes that if you wear provocative educational apparel it allows others to approach you and ask questions or start a conversation. And he will tell you in this episode how it has opened up many such discussions. Cesar is one of the kindest souls we have encountered in the space, and we encourage you to not only support his mission but reach out and speak with him directly with questions or to share your personal microdosing story. 

“Through honest dialogue and through sharing of personal experiences we hope to start conversations of human potential. We know that Cultivating Wisdom with an open heart and an open mind makes anything possible," said Cesar Marin. 

If you are interested in opening up minds and conversations about plant medicine Cesar is offering all of our listeners a 20% discount when purchasingCultivating Wisdom apparel. Use code TheVine20. Thank you for being part of our community and helping to spread knowledge and share our personal stories to help end the stigma.