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The Vine featuring Ben Holt - Connect and Evolve

By: Gina Vensel

Wednesday, March 3rd

Have you taken time to breathe today? Often in our busy world, we do not take the time to be present in the moment and acknowledge our breath. Yoga and meditation have taught us how to use our breath to calm our mind, body, and spirit. PMP's recent guest on The Vine inspires us to go even deeper with the power behind breathwork. 

Ben Holt is an internationally acclaimed Breathwork Facilitator, a transformational retreat leader, a psychedelic therapist, filmmaker, and musician. For the past several years, Ben has been traveling the world teaching the art of conscious living, leading transformational retreats, and documenting some of the world's most fascinating cultures.

Ben is the Founder of Connect and Evolve, a platform designed to facilitate awareness, inspire creative expression, and expand the human horizon. Ben now leads others in spiritual retreats, one-on-one intensives, workshops, online courses, and more. His methods and teachings have proven to be life-changing for thousands!

We were so impressed with Ben's knowledge + his generosity. Click below for the digital copy of his Breathwork E-Book. Learn more about Connect and Evolve's The Great Awakening Retreat in Sedona, Arizona this April. Episode teaser and link to the full episode are below as well. Thanks for tuning in, and remember to breathe!