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The Vine featuring A.P. CHEM

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Friday, January 27th

On episode #72 of The Vine, PMP speaks to Sandra Statz, Founder and CEO of A.P. Chem®, a science-forward, age-decelerating, skincare brand formulated with curated combinations of classic and proven Alt-Pharma™ ingredients for optimal skin renewal.

Sandra, a beauty industry executive who worked with brands including La Mer, Guerlain and Clinique, was diagnosed with an autoimmune inflammatory disease and found mental health healing through psychedelic medicine. Her personal journey parlayed into building a brand with a mission to not only advocate for but also include the healing ingredients in medicinal mushrooms to build her new skincare line. Sandra is also a board member of The Ketamine Fund and KetaMD.

Learn more about the "Cool Nerds" behind A.P. Chem®, and how they are formulating products led by NYC dermatologist, Dr. Sherwin Parikh, inspired by his upbringing as a first-generation Indian American. His family's Ayurvedic practices and Eastern beliefs inspire his guiding principles for skin health – in which food is medicine and health is wellness.

The  A.P. Chem® team is kindly offering The Vine listeners a discount code to try their signature microDOSE™ Magical Moisturizer! Use promo code THEVINE15 at check out to receive 15% off your first order.

Gina and I, many years apart in age, have both tried the moisturizer and find it refreshing and moisturizing to even the driest winter skin. We encourage you to give it a try and let us know what you think. Thank you for joining us in supporting women in plant medicine! Tune in for insight from a strong female entrepreneur that is using her brand to open minds to psychedelic medicine for mental, physical and spiritual wellness.