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The Vine featuring Anxiety Cosmetics

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Friday, July 23rd

After several weeks rewinding our favorite Vine episodes in celebration of PMP’s first anniversary, we’re excited to be back with new episodes, thanks to our production partner, Pretty Easy Podcasts

On episode #41 of The Vine, PMP welcomes Brielle Brown the founder and owner of Anxiety Cosmetics, a CBD-infused beauty brand with a mission to create conversations around beauty, positive self-esteem, and mental health. 

Anxiety Cosmetics products are paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan, THC Free, and produced with the highest industry standards make-up products.  You will hear how Brielle used her crippling anxiety to create a product with the very plant medicine that healed her. A portion of the proceeds of every product sold is donated to help with research, education, care, and raising awareness on Mental Health & Disorders.  

Find out why CBD is now being used in products that we put on our skin. As a side note, after recording the podcast Gina and I received a beautiful gift boxes from Anxiety Cosmetics. The packaging, presentation, and products are just as beautiful as the woman who makes them. Visit to learn more and to purchase your CBD-infused cosmetics.