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The Vine featuring a PMP Founders Chat

By: Gina Vensel

Thursday, September 23rd

On episode #49 of The Vine, PMP features a Fall Co-Founders chat. Below is an overview of the discussion with links as resources. 

We discuss Drug Test with Sarah Rose Siskind, a show featuring Clinical Ketamine. Sarah films her Ketamine experience, and then does an integration with doctors onstage in front of a live audience. Watch the video via YouTube below.

In psychedelic news, 9/20 has been declared Global Magic Mushroom Day and The Fantastic Fungi Global Summit is coming up October 15th - 17th.

Our good friend Charley Wininger, Author of Listening to Ecstasy, is going to be on The Psychedelic NewsHour on Clubhouse today at 2:30PM EDT speaking about MDMA and other psychedelics, so be sure to listen in. Charley and his wife Shelley spoke to the Psychedelic Club of Denver this week, and the discussion can be found at this LINK.

Elizabeth was able to attend the Cannabis Science Conference in Baltimore and see many old industry friends, many of whom have been on our Podcast in person!

We also chat about the Cannabis Passport, the world's first rolling paper magazine. If you are going out to MJBizCon in Vegas Oct. 20-22, make sure to keep an eye out and get a copy featuring Tommy Chong on the cover. Search for Cannabis Passport on social media for more info. 

Looking ahead, we just booked our trip for the Horizons Conference, a psychedelic research and science conference in New York taking place December 1-5th, and would love to connect with you there. Reach out to us via the contact form on our website. Looking to connect like the mycelium network! Mush love. 


Drug Test with Sarah Rose Siskind