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The Vine featuring a PMP Founders Chat

By: Gina Vensel

Thursday, February 4th

This is our first Vine episode featuring a "PMP Founders Chat" with Elizabeth and I sharing our thoughts around  personal plant medicine experiences. We also talk about our upcoming AWAKENING Event with psychonauts Charley Wininger and Zappy Zapolin taking place FEB 17th online, Clubhouse, and more.

As moms who have worked in corporate America, we understand the stigmas that remain around the use of higher medicines. It is our hope that by sharing our plant medicine experiences, and bringing professionals in the industry onto our podcast, that we will encourage others to explore alternative ways of healing, and approach wellness with a holistic mindfulness.

As a resurgence of plant medicine healing evolves before our eyes, we are all students. We want to do our part to bring professionals, healers, and fellow journeyers together to end the stigmas and begin the healing. We are grateful for your support, and thank you for listening.