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The Vine featuring Daniel Muessig - cannabis prisoner

By: Gina Vensel

Thursday, March 10th

On Episode 63 of The Vine, PMP speaks with Daniel Muessig, a former attorney from Pittsburgh, PA. Daniel is on his way to federal prison for a non-violent first-time cannabis offense. As a personal friend from my hometown, this post is a difficult one to write.

Daniel's story is like many others who have had their lives devastated by the failed war on drugs. His story is gaining attention with articles in Forbes, Reason, and High Times to name a few.

Due to the quantity of cannabis involved, Daniel’s case is not handled by the state but considered a federal crime. Therefore, the only way that his charges can be expunged is a personal pardon from President Biden or a change in federal laws where all non-violent cannabis offenders are released.

Listen in for a heartfelt discussion with a good man on his unsettling final days before lock-up. If Daniel’s story resonates with you, please consider donating to the Last Prisoner Project, and use hashtag #FreeDanielMuessig.