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The Vine end of year Founders Chat

By: Gina Vensel

Wednesday, January 4th

To wrap up 2022, Elizabeth and I decided to host another Founders Chat on The Vine. It’s been some time since our last episode, and we wanted to fill in our listeners on what we’ve been up to (including working on some fantastic psychedelic events), and to discuss the current state of cannabis and psychedelics.

Tune into our PMP End of Year Founders Chat for policy updates, and a discussion about the importance of harm reduction, integration, and community building. We want to thank our listeners for tuning into over 70 episodes of The Vine.
We have exciting episodes in store for 2023, and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to speak with some of the brightest minds in cannabis and psychedelics. We believe that it is through education that we'll begin changing the perception of plant medicine, and work towards ending the stigma.

Important links discussed in the episode:
Reason for Hope
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Psychedelic Science 2023
Horizons PBC
Drug Test with Sarah Rose Siskind
Paul Stamets at Horizons Northwest 
Victor Cabral at Horizons New York
Dance Safe
PA Harm Reduction Network
Empathic Health
Fireside Project
Tam Integration
Psychedelic Club