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The Canna Mom Show

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Tuesday, June 8th

Gina was recently interviewed by Joyce Gerber on The Canna Mom Show. Joyce is a lawyer, mom and podcast host who has a similar mission to end the stigma around cannabis. 

My son was graduating from the Naval Academy that same day so I could not join the show, but as usual Gina did a stellar job of sharing her knowledge and experience about plant medicine, being a working mom with a 7 year old at home full time during the pandemic, and the abrupt halt of her events business Easy Street all while launching our new company Plant Media Project. 

Gina and I are co-founders of Plant Media Project, where we work together to help plant medicine and psychedelic companies and organizations market and grow their brands. When asked about the secret to Gina’s wellbeing and success she tells listeners about the importance of finding a personal balance. She mentions getting enough sleep and how without it, no matter what plant medicines we use, we will struggle with finding wellness. 

It turns out The Canna Mom Show is also interested in learning more about psychedelics, so Gina explains the different plants, entheogens, and compounds that are part of this new healing renaissance. 

This episode will enlighten, entertain and most likely have you asking more questions. Tune in below or wherever you get your podcasts.