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Republicans Push for Federal Legalization of Cannabis

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Saturday, May 15th

This week Marijuana Moment released breaking news that a congressional bill to federally legalize cannabis was filed by republican lawmakers, and the news flooded with articles from Newsweek to MJ Biz Daily. My fellow Republicans have received a bad wrap around drug policy reform and rightfully so, but change is happening and no one knows better than my friend Michael Correia, Director of Government Relations at the National Cannabis Industry Association

I spoke to him about this news, and he said, “I applaud Congressmen Joyce and Young for introducing a descheduling bill. Every year the public support for reforming our federal cannabis laws grows and it is time all federal officials (especially Republicans) align with the voters.” 

The only way comprehensive reform will happen this Congress is having bipartisan support (like with the SAFE Banking Act). NCIA will continue educating congressional offices on the need for comprehensive reform and the benefits for their constituents. “With this bill, there are no more excuses for Republicans. You can either support liberty, freedom, and reform, or remain a prohibitionist,” said Correia. 

We must work across party lines to federally deschedule cannabis. It is incumbent for all of us who love the plant to dig deep, and figure out ways to compromise and bridge the divides that threaten our industry from the inside.