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Refugee Relief Support

By: Gina Vensel

Monday, September 6th

PMP is proud to support Baba Ku Foundations, a Virginia-based 501c3 non-profit organization, helping to raise funds for Afghan refugees in rescue and relief efforts. We are encouraging all who are able to please join us in donating! 

Baba Ku Founder Nisar Yusufi and his family, who are personally tied to the tragedy, are working to help refugees arriving in America with everything from relocation placement to medical needs.

Yusufi says, "These are real people’s lives, these are real people’s family members, their lives matter, they count. We just had a brother-in-law get extracted two nights ago and he is in the air somewhere, he’s safe and these missions work.” 

All donations collected by Baba Ku’s Go Fund Me are going directly to this relief effort, and time is of the essence. To learn more and to donate, please click HERE.