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PMP Founders Chat on Psychedelic Science 2023

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Thursday, August 17th

We are back! Episode #74 of The Vine features a PMP Founders Chat discussing Psychedelic Science 2023, where gina served as the Director of Marketing. The event took place in June at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver and was the largest psychedelic conference in history (and why we had to take a brief pause on producing new podcast episodes). 

During the last year, gina worked with Momentum, the event organizers and MAPS to prepare this monumental event. Get an inside look at how it all came together behind the scenes and what it was like to share space at the Colorado Convention Center with over 12,000 guests from 52 countries from around the world. 

In this episode, gina discusses what she believed to be the true highlights of PS2023, lessons learned from the gathering, and how important integration was to processing the experience. Tune in to learn about the PS23 experience from the inside out.

Episode Notes: