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Pennsylvania Vape Recall

By: Gina Vensel

Thursday, February 3rd

As a medical cannabis patient in Pennsylvania, I was grateful to learn that the Office of Medical Marijuana run by the PA Department of Health (DOH) conducted a statewide review of all vaporized MMJ products containing added ingredients.

Today the PA DOH announced that after finishing the review, the Department has determined that many vaporized MMJ products contained added ingredients that have not been approved for inhalation by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Therefore, the Department has issued a mandatory recall for all affected vaporized products. The lists of affected products and added ingredients can be found at this LINK.

If you have purchased any of these recalled products, please talk to medical professionals at your local PA dispensary to find a better product.

Personally, I enjoy Liquid Live Resin and hate the taste of fake terpene additives, so this is not surprising for me to learn of this recall. However, this raises a larger concern for what is already on the unregulated Delta 8 market as well as what products will become available once the country legalizes cannabis.

This is why legalization is so important as we need to research to learn more about cannabis processing and to find out if these added terpenes are really dangerous or not. The uncertainty of this is why the DOH has asked these products to be recalled, and this is why the issue of descheduling cannabis is a top priority. 

As a patient or adult-use cannabis consumer, it's important to learn about how your cannabis products are grown and manufactured. I'm grateful to the PA DOH for putting patients first and hope that our grower processors will rethink the future of cannabis vaping and give us cleaner quality products.