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Laughter is the best medicine

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Tuesday, January 12th

A friend suffering with the illness of her child asked for my suggestions for the best available cannabis products to uplift her spirits, and I wanted to share what I found with our community. 

She was looking for a medical cannabis strain that could make her laugh, feel light, and enjoy others company. While not all of the strains suggested were available in our area, I came across a few that worked well.

Laughter is a tonic like no other and finding the cannabis products that can lift your spirits and make you laugh can shift your state of mind and elevate your well being, even if only for a short period of time.

With the help of user-submitted reviews, Leafly uncovered the following strains that consumers rated as most giggly: Blue Diesel, Laughing Buddha, Church OG, Chem Dawg, Sweet Diesel, Black Diamond, and Mango Kush. 

In my home state of Maryland, with the help of my budtender at Peake Releaf, I was recommended Sunshine #4 and Bubblegum OG. I can personally report that Sunshine #4 is uplifting, makes you laugh, and when the high wears off your mind is super clear. 

PMP understands that cannabis products do not have the same effect for everyone, so be sure to check the cannabinoid and terpene profiles on the labels and take note which products work best for you. Download the free Tetragram app to record your experience and share with the community.

If laughter is what you need, then give some of these giggle inducing strains a try, and let us know what works best for you. Cheers to laughing more in 2021!