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Join PMP on the Clubhouse App

By: Gina Vensel

Wednesday, January 6th

PMP is excited about the new social network called Clubhouse. This new platform lets people chat in real time, share stories, collaborate, and bounce ideas off of each other using only their voice.

No need to be camera-ready to hop in the app and join conversations happening that cover a wide range of topics. Under the Health Topics, Psychedelics has it's own icon. No icon yet for cannabis, yet so many industry professionals and enthusiasts have jumped on the app toe collaborate and share insights and just to toke up together. 

Right now the app is available for Apple only, but Android users will be able to use the app in the coming months. In the meantime, visit Social Media Examiner for insights into how to get started with Clubhouse.

PMP hosted our first Clubhouse chat this week “Psilocybin Consumption Using Lemon Tekking," and we're hosting another chat on Friday at 12:30PM EST with Elisabeth White from Tribal Detox discussing an "Intro to Kambo." Click HERE for the event link. 

After downloading the app, search for PMP founders (same handles on Instagram/Twitter) @ginav_pmp and @elizabeths_pmp. Once you follow us then you'll get notifications when we host chats. Once we host a few then we can start our official club, so we'll keep you posted. For now, let's connect and get acquainted. See you in Clubhouse!