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International Peter Tosh Day 4/20

By: Gina Vensel

Tuesday, April 13th

On April 20th we honor International Peter Tosh Day to celebrate the continued fight for global cannabis legalization. Peter Tosh, was a Grammy Award-winning musical legend, and a founding member of The Wailers. Tosh used his music as a platform to advocate for equal rights and was a pioneer for cannabis legalization.

Now his family celebrates his legacy through the work of The Peter Tosh Foundation, committed to continuing the fight Peter began decades ago to legalize cannabis. The foundation has partnered with criminal justice and prison reform advocates and organizations to bring awareness to the dire conditions faced by prisoners and the need for prison reform in the United States.

PMP is excited to release a special episode of The Vine on April 20th featuring Tosh's daughter Niambe McIntosh. We are grateful to have this opportunity to share her family's story and raise awareness for their foundation. In the meantime, learn more at, and join the movement with hashtag #PeterTosh420.

Join in on the celebration on April 20th on both Facebook and Clubhouse. Show your support for cannabis advocacy with a donation HERE