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gina v. on KDKA Radio

By: Elizabeth Sheldon

Tuesday, March 21st

Big news out of DC this week with the announcement of the Psychedelic Medicine PAC. Local Pittsburgh news station KDKA Radio invited PMP Co-Founder gina vensel on-air to discuss the state of psychedelics in PA and nationwide.

During the segment gina chats about Plant Media Project and our support of Psychedelic Medicine Coalition and the newly founded PAC by friend Melissa Lavasani. Psychedelic Medicine PAC will focus on securing federal funding for psychedelic medicine  research including psilocybin (magic mushrooms), ketamine, MDMA (ecstasy), and other psychedelic compounds to treat various disorders. The political action committee (PAC) was created to advocate for psychedelic medicine use in the country and aims to elect leaders to support pro-psilocybin reforms. Read more about it in NBC News.

gina even had a chance to plug and the upcoming event she is working on called Psychedelic Science happening in Denver this June. Click HERE or the image below to listen to the segment, and thanks for the support as we continue to work hard to fight the stigma around psychedelics and cannabis.