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Creative Cannabis Advertising with PMP

By: Gina Vensel

Tuesday, August 17th

In late June, the United Nations released their World Drug Report 2021, and called for a comprehensive ban on advertising, promoting, or sponsoring cannabis.

In a Leafly article entitled “UN Cannabis attitudes are shifting-and not in the cannabis industries favor,” Jesse Staniforth reports that it is confusing in countries where there is a legal market. The rationale behind the ban is to protect minors and public health over the interests of the industry and big business.

As marketing and advertising professionals, we understand the need for businesses and brands to differentiate themselves in order to sell their products. Regulations about how businesses advertise their products is different than calling for an international ban on cannabis advertising. 

We’ve often discussed on The Vine podcast, that social media platforms are not cannabis-friendly, advertising on Facebook and Instagram tricky to nearly impossible, and accounts are being shut down everyday. In order for businesses to grow, which in turn fortifies our economy, consumers have to know you exist. So how can cannabis companies compliantly advertise? 

PMP along with our digital partner have geo-fenced every dispensary in the country. We have found geo-fencing and geo-targeting to be very effective ways to promote cannabis businesses as it allows ads to be served directly to adults as they frequent news sources, shop, or search for information online. We are also excited to partner with the new Cannabis Passport launching at MJ Biz Con this October, which offers another smart and compliant way to reach cannabis consumers in print. We also produce special events, design digital marketing campaigns, and create grassroots promotions. Please contact us to learn more about PMP's compliant cannabis advertising options.