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#ChiefSkillzTribe Podcast

By: Gina Vensel

Monday, May 3rd

When I first joined the Clubhouse app, I found myself dropping into a lot of cannabis rooms. I'd hear individuals give their sales pitch or rap about their accolades. Amidst the pandemic though, I was seeking genuine connection on this new social platform, and then I stepped into a room led by DJ Howard, AKA ChiefSkillz.

It was in January of 2021 when I first met ChiefSkillz in a room that he entitled "Positive Tribe Vibes Only." The room was filled with lots of cannabis professionals and enthusiasts. The chat buzzed with good vibes. Instead of people using the space to pitch their business, Chief led a room where people opened up about their life. He motivated us to be better, do better, and build community. 

Chief is a NAACP award winning athlete and philanthropist. He is a true community builder, and created a Tribe on Clubhouse that represents a plethora of people from all over the world. His club #ChiefSkillzTribe has weekly motivation chats where people gather and support one another in their personal and professional lives. Chief does lots of charity work for his community, and is also a life coach. When he suffered a fire last month at his home, the Tribe came together and helped him rebuild. This is how we support and grow together, by lifting up each other and being there when others need us most. 

I was so grateful when Chief asked me to join him to record a podcast episode. You can listen below, and connect with ChiefSkillz by visiting this LINK