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"Let's Talk Plant Medicine" featuring PMP

By: Gina Vensel

Wednesday, November 3rd

We were first introduced to Dr. Lola Ohonba, PHARM.D on the Clubhouse app, and were inspired by her story as a West African woman raised with healing through herbal medicine and incorporating that knowledge with her professional training as a clinical pharmacist in America.

 Dr. O. is the owner of WCI Health, where she uses her expertise and compassionate heart to help others find a healthy path for living. We hosted Dr. O. on Episode #37 The Vine, and once we got to know her even more, we recognized her ability to lead and mentor our community.

PMP was delighted to be invited on Dr. O.'s podcast "Let's Talk Plant Medicine" to discuss our background, what we do here at PMP, and advice for marketing cannabis and psychedelic businesses. Tune in to the episode below or wherever you get your podcasts.